Web Mail

Web mail is available for all domains for which we host email. You may reach the web mail client by typing https://secure.userfriendlyis.com/rc into your web browsers address line.

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Login with your complete email address and password. Account modification and password changes can be made by logging in here. Login, again, with your complete email address. Mailing lists are available for your hosted domain at an additional charge. IMAP/POP/SMTP information:

  1. Your username is your complete email address.
  2. Pop ports are 110 and 995 for TLS/SSL.
  3. Imap on port 143 and SSL Imap on port 993 is supported.
  4. Non authenticated SMTP is port 25.
  5. SMTP Auth on the submission port 587. Use this on your outgoing SMTP server configuration. Setup to use your email username/password as above.
  6. Some ISPs block port 25. Please use port 587 instead.
  7. Your Pop and SMTP server should be set to mail.<your domain>.tld (e.g. mail.example.com).
  8. Recommended mail software for windows is Thunderbird . You can also use FossaMail. Most people don't need the features that Microsoft Outlook has and both Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express include features that allow others to download and run software on your computer (viruses and trojan programs).
  9. A good Microsoft Windows virus scanner is ClamWin Free Antivirus GNU GPL Free Software. For personal use AVG Free and Avast are also very good.

Additional Information for Outlook Users

  • Setup Instructions (from the source): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/287532
  • Recommand that you setup IMAP email.  Also, to avoid certificate issues with SSL/TLS use mail.userfriendlyis.com as your incoming and outgoing server name.
  • Note instruction that currently you need to set the "My outgoing server(smtp) requires authentication" flag.  This is under "More Settings" "OutGoing Server" tab.
  • Also under "More Settings", Advanced tab you can set the incoming server and outgoing server encryption type.   Use SSL for incoming and Auto for outgoing.  Remeber to set the outgoing port to 587.

How do I change my password

To change your password go to https://secure.userfriendlyis.com/omail and enter your existing username and password. Here you will be able to change your password, add email forwards, and change your spam-assassin settings

I didn't get an email

These days, spam seems to make up a vast majority of the email being sent, so not receiving an email is a distinct possibility given the amount of filtering that has to be enabled to deal with it. If what you are sending is really important, contact us and we will work with you on finding the best solution to getting your information through.

Spam Spam Spam Spam

Getting to much spam? If you are getting to much, make sure you have your spam-assassin turned on for your email. If it is on, look at the email headers (ref to how to do this soon) and it will tell you what the email score is and set the spam score to below that value to block emails. Some spam emails will still pass through spam assassin, so if it doesn't stop or increases contact us and we will work with you to find the root cause and eliminate the spam.

Our current list of IPs that are denied connection to our mail servers